Returning to update you on the progression of my artwork. I started a journal, during the day I tend to write things that happen, it helps to maintain focus, also loosens the words so they can scramble into poems on the page.

Series 2 is in progression, its focus will be love, a series that is nearly done. There will be sketches to accompany the poems, along with recordings of the readings.

I’m eating well, writing and sleeping. Cannot really complain, my dog is getting older, he is getting a little whiny, which I understand, he comes from a nice home.

I’m still living with my sister, she is cross stitching, lately I’ve been thinking of moving on. This situation is only temporary like the light that flashes on the daffodils, softly, sweetly they sway with the breeze, that momentary place and setting will change the pattern again, such is a traveling lifestyle.

Please tell your friends and poetry pals about the self-publication happening for Little Palace Bigger Face. It will be published on this site, for free, on March 20th, 2019. I accept donations for my effort, if you feel satisfied after reading. Keep your eyes up and your thinking caps on.



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